How we got coverage on Yahoo News and 84 other media outlets

Ever wonder why your competition is doing so well? Why do they consistently get more leads and more business? Have you taken the time to research their marketing initiatives?

Many of you know that running and growing a business requires setting goals, planning and working feverishly toward achieving them. You need to use every marketing tool available in your arsenal to grow your business. While humility is a great personal trait, the next time you earn bragging rights for your business, don’t be shy. Leverage the use of press releases to spread the word. We will tell you how to do it. Website Jungle‘s founder Krishna Kumar was a recent recipient of “NJ’s best MARCOM professional under 40”. Website Jungle team is collectively deserving of this award for what they do everyday to help clients build and maintain their digital presence and also for giving back to the Jersey City business and technology community. Our story got picked up by Yahoo! Finance news and 84 other media outlets.

What is a press release?

A press release is an official announcement that an organization makes to the news media and beyond. An organization may want to post a press release for

  • Awards and Accolades
  • New Product Launch
  • Business Expansion
  • New Partnership
  • Rebranding
  • Management changes
  • Other updates to products and services

Benefits of a Press Release

The most obvious benefit of a press release is the potential to reach a huge audience in a very short time. When executed correctly, a good press release has a potential of being picked up by local and national media. It obviously depends on the nature of news and the business you are in. For a start up which has a shoestring marketing budget, a compelling press release can do wonders. And for a mature business, it is a great way of expanding their client base as well as staying in touch with the existing client base. The other not so obvious benefit of a press release is to do with SEO back linking. As with any SEO technique, caution needs to be exercised. This is because many folks have abused Press Releases purely for the purposes of gaining backlinks. Google’s Matt Cutt famously said in Dec 2012 that links from the press release websites themselves will not any provide any ranking benefit. However, if your new article turns out to be newsworthy and gets picked up by reputable media agencies, you have struck gold and this will certainly boost your search engine ranking.

Rules for writing a press release

  • Publish a press release only when you have something newsworthy to share
  • Create a attention grabbing headline
  • The first paragraph should cover the who, what, where, why and how
  • Offer a quote or two to build a personal connection and make it relatable
  • Provide background information about the organization and/or team
  • Add media contact information

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