How to Build and Grow Your Email List

As a business owner, we’re almost certain that growing your email list is at the top of your priority list. You want to share something of value but are not quite sure of how to spread that message to your current and potential clients. We get it!

Growing an email list is indeed one of the most critical areas of creating a successful email marketing strategy, and for numerous businesses and organizations, it’s one of the most challenging.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can use to grow your email list and here are just a few to start:

Word of Mouth

For subscribers who may have been on your list for a longer period of time, an offer or incentive will get the ball rolling. Marketers should capitalize on word-of-mouth marketing by incorporating email sign-up on viral components, such as features that allow site visitors to forward products, services, wish lists, information online, notifications and more to their friends.

It’s a good practice to ask the referrer not only for a friend’s email address, but also for a full name so that the message is personalized. Most important, remember to add the referee’s full name to the email as well. By referencing whom the email content was recommended by, you gain instant credibility and will attain much higher conversion rates.

Create a Free Online Tool

This might seem like an impossible task when you only have to create a tool that matches with your products, service or brand. Maybe your development department either does not exist or is fully booked six-months ahead, which only means that your chances to develop a tool for your target group are pretty much zero.

First, though, you have to know what tool your targeted group requires. If you are in the line of SEO, it would be a natural move to develop a tool that allows people to keep track of keyword ranking.

Then, you have to add a description of how you want the tool to work. It is essential for you to define the project from start to finish just to make sure that people qualified for the job fully understand your perception.


The reason you should be using infographics is because they help you prove yourself in your area of expertise and as a credible source. That way, you multiply your value in the eyes of your audience. They also tend to remember you better.

Additionally, infographics help you increase the amount of social shares and backlinks that you generate, which results in an increase in traffic.

Stay in Touch

As you start building and growing your mailing list, you need to make sure you stay in touch with your subscribers. The last thing you want is to build up a great list, not email them for months, and then have them either not open your emails or unsubscribe because they’ve forgotten all about you and why they joined in the first place.

To keep your subscribers interested in your business, send regular, manual updates such as newsletters, information about your industry that your customers would want to keep up-to-date about, or links to your latest pieces of content.  Preferably this would be high quality content that has independent value but that also has sales and conversions in mind. This option is best for businesses who have new things to talk about on a consistent basis.

Adding your customers to an autoresponder series is another good alternative. This is a series of emails that you set up in advance and scheduled to send to new subscribers within a specific timeframe as they join your list.

What are some ways you grow you email list?

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